New 2020 Casino Deposit Options – We Talk About the Best…

Read About New 2020 Casino Deposit Options

New 2020 Casino Deposit Options

The new year is underway and that only accelerates the fun that can be had using online casinos. How you ensure your balance is always secure and full to spin the wheel on several games is important. The new 2020 casino deposit options available to you ensure that.

Whether you prefer the old school method of paying through debit or credit card or think fast and easy transactions using e-wallets simplifies things, everybody has a personal preference. It’s our job to review all the options and help you to make an informed decision to make your life easier.

There are a number of alternative methods you can choose which we will also discuss in this blog. That way, you can look at the necessary data, research and reviews from other players online to give you a grand idea of what’s needed. Since casinos changed the way they operate by focusing online, it was equally important to make sure your details remained secure.

Use Trusted Payment Methods When You Deposit

All of these services offer plus and negative points which you have to consider. When you look at the bigger picture and decide what suits you as a player, gaming online makes perfect sense. You’ll be able to play roulette, card games and your favourite slots in one place whenever you like.

Brand New 2020 Casino Deposit Options

We can start the debate about which is the better method by discussing the most recent inventions first. They have been used by other businesses before, but this is the first time for there use with online casinos. One of the best new 2020 casino deposit options we like is the pay by phone method. Services like Siru Mobile and Boku keep you ahead of the game.

Because money is deducted from your phone bill and added as a deposit, you can bet quickly and securely. It will not disrupt your rhythm if you’re on a hot streak, which is great. However, one thing to note with these services is you can not withdraw using them. Therefore, you still need to upload account details through your bank and another service to collect winnings.

If you only have cash and do not yet have a credit or debit card account, you can even opt for prepaid cash. This is predominantly in U.S online casinos, but other alternatives are available in Europe too. Mastercard and Visa are just a couple of examples of financial services that offer this method. With minimal fuss, you can use this on many websites to get the ball rolling.


These are the future of casino betting and help you make quick transactions with no credit or debit card details once you sign up. It’s the perfect way to make withdrawals in a hurry, with some services offering instant services. You have to check with the terms and conditions of the website for full information, as it depends on the casino and payment method in question.

However, a good casino offers a number of e-wallets you can use to deposit too. Examples such as PayPal and Neteller have been running for more than a decade. Multiple encryptions help to protect against fraud attempts on your account.

Use The Best Payment Methods Available

Offering this level of security when playing gives you the freedom to bet with confidence. It gives you the security you need to make transactions on a regular basis and keep your winnings and personal data secure. Some casinos like Aladdin Gold even offer bonuses if you prefer this service. You can get a whopping 200% bonus every time you make a deposit using them.

Old School

It might not be on our list of new 2020 casino deposit options, but you can’t go wrong using debit or credit cards. Thousands of online casinos accept Visa Electron, Switch and Delta daily as a tried and trusted method. Although you have to put in your details each time, millions of business complete transactions this way. The only problem lies with putting in your details often.