New Slots Guide for 2020 – Be Careful! Not All Is As It Seems!

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Your New Slots Guide for 2020

A new year means even more ways to play slots. As we continue to see fantastic offers to join casinos in 2020, you need to know everything about this awesome game to make the best decision online. Therefore, check out this new slots guide for 2020 to find the best tips, bonus offers and games to play on the internet.

As the year passes, technology develops and so does the opportunities to participate in new slots adventures. Whether you like the classics or modern spins, there’s something for everyone whatever your level. As it’s such an easy game to play, it requires little knowledge or strategy to pick up and play.

This means you can have fun and spin the wheel wherever you are on whichever device you prefer. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you like playing on your iPad tablet, your Android mobile or even your old school desktop. Now that local casino visits becoming less popular, technology has paved the way for thousands of online games.

So we run through what to look out for online, how slots have changed through the years and the best bonuses you can get online. So what are you waiting for? Read below to find out all about slots in 2020!

The Latest New Slots Guide for 2020

Just because it’s a new decade doesn’t mean slots is going to completely change. Because it’s been around for so long (since 1894!), the traditionalists like to see continuity. Even if you prefer the old fruit machines, you can still find them online with a number of casinos.

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The only difference is now you can play at home whenever you like. First thing when you wake up or on your lunch break – it honestly doesn’t matter to us! Slots remain just as fun because you can get so many cool bonuses, loads of fun titles and awesome new features daily.

In your new slots guide for 2020, you can find a whole host of different games to play with interesting characters and plot twists along the way. Why not they out one of our favourites and play Slingo on mobile. To be compatible with mobiles and tablets, many casinos see slots as the past, present and future of the gaming industry. Thousands love it because it’s so easy to play on handheld devices.

Origins of Slots

In more than 100 years, the game hasn’t changed a lick. It still runs on a basis of 3 or 5 reels, which spin automatically on an axis to randomly reveal symbols. You push, nudge and hold till the symbols match up to land a jackpot!

To help you get started, casinos now offer a number of bonuses such as no deposit, free spins and bonus rounds to guide you. Whatever your strategy, there’s always a way to win even if the casino holds a slight house edge each time. If you pick a steady approach, low rollers can still make a killing by being patient on the screen.

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Alternatively, you can play at a medium level, making small bets often to see how you fare. Or if you’re feeling extra brave, high rollers bet high but only on occasion for maximum results. This is considered more of a risk but can pay out handsome sums in the millions.

Other Areas to Contemplate

When playing slots online, you need to know a few important tricks before signing up. What our new slots guide for 2020 hopefully highlights is the necessity to have fun but be safe at the same time. If you’re planning on signing up to a casino from the UK, it needs to be approved by the UKGC first and foremost.

The logo should appear on the main page and symbolises its authenticity as a brand. Also, you need to check through the terms and conditions to ensure the wagering requirements are not too high. You can win high sums on slots, but casinos are a business after all and have set limits.

You can play a range of games from movie themes like Jurassic Park to classics like Starburst. Shop around online for the best offers that give you great bonuses as a new or returning player. The payment methods should also be on point, so you can choose from a number of options. This includes pay by phone, e-wallets and the usual credit and debit cards to vary how you deposit and withdraw.